Monday, October 30, 2006

Being a hag

Have you ever caught yourself being a hag and didn't know how to stop? It's like you're standing outside yourself saying "WOW, you are SO mean!!" but you keep going because you have to get something done or you have to hurry to get somewhere.

Maybe it's just me.

MG says "Honey, I love you anyway and I'm sorry you have an attitude." And that sets me off MORE..because I DO NOT HAVE AN ATTITUDE, thank you very much. I'm just....I'm just....Ummmm...

OH boy.

Can we say "let's put Mommy in Time out?"

I've been having a challenge with this the last couple of weeks.
Well, that raging thing and then bawling all the time. Cried while watching a rerun of House last night.
** the way, if you didn't catch it, you missed out, Man! They ran a House marathon for 7 hours on some channel yesterday. I only missed the first one, cuz I had to work. But caught some I hadn't seen! YESSS!**

Anyway, back to the moody thing. MG says he thinks there is "something deeper" going on with me. Like maybe I don't want him anymore?


How could I not want such a wonderful man? See previous posts!

It's not that at all. I can't explain what is wrong with me or why I do this stuff. Am I nuts? Should we call the little men in white coats to come pick me up and take me away giggling?

Am I going off the deep end?

NOPE! Scientific discovery later in the day. It was PMS! Hmmmm...

At least I know I'm not crazy! But I REALLY need to do something about this.

And DON'T say cut down on Caffeine...cuz THAT AIN'T HAPPENIN'!!

I'll go find some St. John's Wort or something so next time MG and my kids won't have to live through my Hagginess.

Here's the funny part. Before I left for work, he goes...

"SOOOOOOoooo, does this mean you're going to be nice now?"

Seriously, was it THAT BAD??

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janice said...

Oh yes! I can relate to the hag thing! That is me trying to get my son out on the ice, putting on his hockey gear, lacing his skates, ALL while we are late because it is the morning and I HATE mornings and I am always late!!!! YES I WAS A GRUMPY, RUSHED HAG!!

And I feel soooo bad about it. Hopefully I will do better wed morning.