Thursday, November 28, 2013


I'm 47 now.  That's a new thing...

Here's some other things that are new with me and my crew;
I had to suspend midwifery for awhile.  Couldn't financially keep my head above water.  So now I work two jobs - in the office and running parts at a trucking company during the day and answering phones and making hotel reservations for a resort at night.  Yes, I'm tired....but my bills are paid.

#1 is nineteen...almost twenty.  Going to the local community college studying psychology.  Gaming like crazy when he isn't in school and worrying about everything.

#2 is fifteen...sophomore in high school and on the wrestling team.  Yep...I said wrestling.  ADHD rules her life and the most amazing random things come out of her mouth.  But I love watching her grown up.

#3 is fourteen...freshman in an alternative charter school.  Her artistic talent has just blossomed! She had a piece in a show in October.  Yet we battle major depressive disorder and self-harming behaviors on a daily basis.

#4 is eleven...6th grade and an IEP for anxiety disorder and OCD.  She is the comedienne of our family and keeps me laughing in between the bouts of crying.  She is a true science geek and knows things about astronomy that boggle my brain.

Dog 1 is still with us.  Chunky the pain-in-the-hiney dachshund found a new home.  Up to seven cats now, plus assorted fish and a crested gecko.

Then there is the new hubs.  He came with a pitbull mix and an old cranky chihuahua. He is disabled so he picks up some odd jobs and does the cooking for the family.  Mainly because I'm never home.

I now have a fairly reliable vehicle and don't have to stress much over the monthly bills.  But I miss my family and being the mom I want to be.
I'm thinking this is a phase of my life, though...just a temporary season.  Soon things will change and life will become easier and I will be able to sleep longer than five hours at a stretch. Maybe I'll be able to catch babies and help people on the rescue again.  Maybe God will have something new and amazing in store for me.

Until then, my blood type is coffee -
Just sayin'...

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A Dusty Frame said...

Hey :) Saw a comment of yours on my blog and thought I'd stop by to say hi to you :) Thanks for the update.