Tuesday, March 02, 2010

shots that DON'T HURT!

Had an interesting day today. Took number four to the dentist.

We go to a pediatric dental school. You know, where all the dentists hope to be able to work on kids when they grow up? In other words...they are all pretty much CERTIFIABLE!
I have heard the tenured professor talking like Donald Duck. I have seen more rubber glove and tongue depressor puppets than I can count. And the NAMES they come up with for ordinary tools to make them sound harmless - wow! Imagination abounds!
Anyway, it was another morning to turn in my mommy license. I was late. AND I forgot I had to take another grownup with me if they were going to be able to do the pre-medication. Ummm, the happy juice that keeps her from hysterics....that stuff.
SOooo, we aren't going to get it.

OH my.

Talked to the resident and, well, we are going to go for it. Give her some "funny air" through the "elephant nose" tube and hopefully we won't have to restrain her with duct tape.

JUST KIDDING!! well...kinda...

So I walked her in and helped her in the chair, kissed her and petted her hair. The eyes got big and puddles started to form. I looked at the resident....she looked at me...I looked within myself at the quivering mass of sobs lying just right under the surface of the skin.
AND we decided Momma should make a quick exit - stage Left.

When she came out an hour later, her face was numb and she was cranky about that. And she couldn't figure out why her jaw was sore. So -

and this tells you how good these people are...

she wants to know how her cheek got numb. So I tell her, "Well, Baby, it was probably that shot they gave you."
And she looks at me like I have lost my ever-lovin' mind! "THEY GAVE ME A... W H A T??????"

Yup! That resident was so good, #4 didn't even know she had been injected. **Giggle**
She says "Hmm, well, I must have just passed out then!"

OH my word. What a princess...

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