Monday, March 01, 2010

God is good...All the time...

Good morning! Don't know why I actually have a few spare minutes this morning. I think I will count that as one of my blessings as I write this post for my dear friend Lizzie's Works of God Weekend. I need more practice on counting my let's see...

I am very grateful that all my kids are healthy right now. We got some new medicine this week that TOTALLY cleared up my #4's eczema for the first time in 6 years! She is SO happy...which means I am, too. Wednesday night I was putting the ladies to bed and #2 asks "Momma, where is my father from? I forgot".
"You mean, what country or nationality?" "Yah, That."
"I understand he is Scottish."
"What about you, Mom? What are you?"
So #4 pops up from the top bunk and hollers "MAMA'S A REDNECK!!"
Hmmmmm, Didn't know that was a country...
Actually, they discuss rather frequently whether I am a biker mama (tattoos, ya know), a Hippy (alot of baking, wear take-off-Birks, make Kambucha tea) or a redneck (wear jeans and zip-neck sweatshirts and say "Ya'll and Yeehaw" alot).
It's an ongoing debate... Maybe all three. Bikahipaneck. Redbyhip.
OW, that hurts my brain. Too much thinking....

I am SO grateful to have dental coverage! Had a root canal last week and one of the files broke off inside my tooth. She couldn't get it out so just filled around it and left it there. Freaked me out at first, but it really didn't hurt that much once we got past the shots. So now I have a creative excuse for not passing the metal detectors at the airport.

I am grateful for God's little directional arrows on my path. I've been working toward attending an intensive midwifery certification class at the end of the year in Boise, Idaho. I'll need SO much help - caring for my kids, temporarily relocating, finances. So I've been trying to leave the particulars up to Him - So far he has gotten me in touch with two old friends. One has lived in Boise for many years and is willing to help me locate resources there. The other might need a place to stay for awhile and used to be my babysitter!! All I can say is - oh WOW. He definitely seems to be leading me in this direction. And it's a VERY exciting step of faith.

AND I am grateful for my friend Lizzie. Her blog has often uplifted me and often touched my heart. To ride the roller coaster with her on her journey back to a "normal" life with her husband is a true blessing. I am humbled and honored to have her in my life.

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