Friday, August 21, 2009

controlled insanity

Otherwise known as PMS.
Yup. I've got it. Woke up with it this morning.
One of the benefits of being over 40 is knowing what is causing your unreasonableness (if that's a word?)...

Unreasonableness as in... Wanting to kill people for no reason.
or ripping everyone's head off because I stepped on something mushy on the kitchen floor.
or crying because someone used my favorite purple fuzzy super-sized towel as a BATHMAT!
or crying just because I had to wake up this morning, tearing up everytime I think about my LB.

Not to mention bad dreams. Weird odd psycho bad dreams. And I don't watch scary movies. EVER.
But I know when the hormones are hitting because my brain cooks up some doozies, let me tell ya'.

I'm doing a wedding this weekend. It ought to be fun. I usually don't go around telling people that I officiate at weddings. But I don't think my huge host of 3 readers will think I'm odd. They already know I'm crazy (see above.) This one is going to be a big fancy affair. The last one I did was a "Redneck Wedding" - they got married in Camo and baseball hats.

Kids are heading out to the Fair and Rodeo with Gramma and Grampa this weekend. Gonna take them to the zoo on Wednesday thanks to a generous donation from a friend. Our last Hurrah week before school starts.

Well, I have to go...someone is breathing too loud in the other end of the house and I have to go scream at them...

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