Monday, May 25, 2009

What is wrong with me?

OK, in case I forgot to post it or in case you don't follow me on facebook...

I blew my practical exam for the EMT Intermediate state test.
The toughest part, is that they don't tell you what you did wrong.
So I know I messed up on med administration and I know I messed up on the megacode station.
I think I know what I did wrong on trauma (NC O2 at 4lpm instead of high flow).
But I don't know what I did wrong on the Combi-tube/airway station. I passed it a year ago doing my EMT Basic state test. I know it inside and out.
I'm lost.

So I applied to volunteer with an ambulance service 15 miles away. I don't live in their district, but that wasn't a requirement. Figured I could pull a couple 12's a week and help others. Get some experience. Had my board interview last week.

REJECTED. Again, no explanation. Why reject a VOLUNTEER?

Applied for a job dispatching for the summer for State forestry. REJECTED.
Interviewed for a dispatch position with State police. REJECTED

I'm having a rough week, ya'll.

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