Thursday, May 14, 2009

One step closer...

I'm one step closer to my Paramedics degree.
Passed the Oregon State EMT-Intermediate written exam.

Oooooh WOW! I am surprised. I didn't think I did.

Serious! My EMT-I teacher told me I'm to sexxy for my brain. FUNNNY lady!

This weekend is the practical State exam. Candidates report to five different stations and perform/talk through the skill required at each station. As far as I understand it, I will be tested on...
  • Intraosseous infusion
  • IV Administration/Bolus medication administration
  • Trauma assessment
  • Medical emergency assessment
  • Mega-code cardiac arrest management
If I pass this, I will be an Intermediate. A couple more pre-req's and I'll be ready to apply to the Paramedics class.

Will I actually go that far? I don't know. I don't know what is going to happen in my future.
I do know that it is scary kinda just staggering forward and waiting for God to direct my life. I do know that I am going to take advantage of every educational opportunity that comes my way. I do know that I will serve others every chance I get. Because that is who I am.

Have an interview next week to volly on an ambulance service...the same one I did ride-alongs with a couple weeks ago. Am not sure what kind of time I can devote or what type of commitment they are expecting from me, but I guess we'll find out next Friday. I DO know that I need the experience!

But as for what I am going to do to support my family...? still up in the air right now. I have confidence that God has a plan. I have confidence that He will let me know when that perfect job comes along.
Until then, I'll just keep on keepin' on.

And, as my darling gram used to say, I'll keep lookin' up!

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