Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm sacreligious...forgive me

Right in among these posts about doing what God wants me to...

I took a quiz entitled "What total BadA** are you?"

WELLL!! I've always wanted to know.
No, SuperMom wasn't on the list.

Your Result: Chuck Norris


You are by far the most bada** of all of the bada**es. Your abilities and training under the legendary Bruce Lee have made you a master in the art of killing. There a literally millions of ways for you to handle any situation but most all of them include a roundhouse kick to the face. Jokes have been made about your supreme awesomeness, but not even they can grasp even a tiny inch of how bada** you are. You have the chin of a Greek god. You are the full package. Brass, Brains and speed. Let us know when you can squeeze out a tear for all of those cancer patients that it will cure.

At least now I know! LOL

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