Friday, May 29, 2009

EWSS 4 - Focus on your strengths

YIPE! As Julie Clinton says in this's SO much easier to look at our short comings than to find things we do WELL. So this one is going to be a little tough.

  1. What are your three biggest strengths? Empathy (being a mommy, comforting), Writing and singing.
  2. How can you best reveal God's Glory and handiwork through the abilities He's given you? That is what I'm trying to discover! I'm fairly sure I am to tell others how He has delivered the kids and I over and over again in miraculous ways and share the lessons I've learned from this life. I'm fairly sure I am to help others either by midwifery or on the rescue or an ambulance service....somehow care for others who need me. But I'm not 100% sure. And I don't know how to get there from here. And I'm getting tired; losing the vision.
  3. What gifts and abilities do you have that you can use to benefit your small group, family, coworkers, church or community organization? OK, tough one. I want to sing. I am deemed unworthy (as in "not fit to set an example in church leadership"). I try to get together a fundraising project...and no one responds. I mowed half my neighbors lawn tonight and went on two rescues today and did homework, got ready for a garage sale, played with my kids some and still need to prepare for teaching a babysitters class in first aid tomorrow morning. I do alot for my community, neighbors, why do I not feel like it's enough? Or that it's the wrong thing?

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