Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EWSS 2 - Am I doing what He wants?

Week one, day two...
  1. Are you presently doing the task God has called you to do in this moment? Are you doing it to the best of your ability for Him, or do you simply do the minimum to get by? I don't know! If I had to guess, I'd say at this very moment I am to be a student and a mommy. I'm not being a very good mommy...I'm cranky and tired. Got a kid with the flu and a sneaking suspicion that I am next. I'm not being a very good student. Behind on my classes, just barely skating by. WOW...guess that answered the question, huh?
  2. In what ways and areas of your life is God calling you to be faithful right now? He asks me to trust Him with the future of my family. Where will we be next month? Three months from now? When school starts up in the fall? I WANT TO KNOW...but He tells me to be patient.
  3. When you begin to believe God has something big planned for your life, what changes will occur in the way you live? I'd like to think that I would become more honorable, respectable, someone worthy of setting an example for others. My reality is that I will say "I can never be that good" and give up. I hope not.

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