Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today was kinda funny.

Bought myself one of those exercise balls. Hard not to call it a "birthing ball" cuz that's what I've always seen it used for. But had a meeting with my Basic Conditioning instructor yesterday and she recommended one. Gave me some ideas.
So I got one...80 inches around and HOT PINK. Came with a DVD, 2 lb. hand weights AND exercise bands.
#3 went to school and told her teacher all about it.
Yah. Major embarrassing.
Plus the kids keep snagging it and playing with it.

I give it about a week before they've popped it.

Went on a rescue call today. Older lady, slurring her words, having a hard time staying awake. So I go in and run the call. Have four guys with me. Chiefs are out of town at a conference.
We get back in the rig and sit there for a second. The driver turns around and says
"SO! When did you get YOUR basic?"
Kinda takes me by surprise as I am not sure what he means.
Then it dawns on me that he's an EMT Basic and he THINKS I have gone in and taken over a call when I am a lower ranking First Responder.

I look him level in the eye and say "About eight months. Why? Did I do something wrong?"

He turns forward, starts the rig and says, "No. She's still alive, isn't she?"

Don't know what his problem is. Was he just being sarcastic? DID I do something wrong? Why does he feel the need to challenge me?
He IS shorter than me. I should just go meet him behind the firehouse and beat him up.


Went to the kids' play and science fair tonight.
They did a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was SO CUTE. They let the kids with bigger parts read from the playbook so it wasn't REAL sophisticated...but that's ok. There are only about 12 kids in the entire elementary school. They made their own set out of refridgerator boxes.
It was the scene where Augustus Glub falls in the chocolate river. The kid who played Augustus is MAJORLY hyper. Can't sit still for two seconds. I'm NOT EVEN exaggerating.
So when it comes time for him to fall in the river, the teacher whispers "JUMP!" and he jumps in between the brown cardboard waves.
The play continues. My number three is "Willy Wonka" and Numbers 2 and 4 play parents of the spoiled children. So I'm trying to pay attention to them.

But every once in awhile...a little sneaker or hand pokes up over the cardboard.
and again. I giggle. His eyes peak out.
and I guffaw. THEN a whole leg sticks straight up in the air.
He JUST CAN'T hold still. Looks like he's doing the backstroke in there.

It was Hilarious!

I needed a good laugh.

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