Thursday, April 16, 2009

PAD 16 - Color

"Today, we are to pick a color, make that the title of your poem, and write a poem that is inspired by that color."

Now, as you see the title of this poem, don't gross out. Most people will pick "romantic" bright colors or black/white. But not ME, I have to be weird.
OK, I guess it could be worse. I could be choosing chartreuse or fuschia or Puce (whatever that is).

I'm just saying...keep an open mind, ok? LOL


Our first date was because he had these dreamy brown eyes.
And we were married for 15 years.
All of our children but one look back at me
Chocolate brown gaze...full of tears.

Brown is the color of my favorite foods
like candy, Devils' food cake, and toast.
potatoes and coffee and Coke and kiwis,
And a big, juicy, well-done beef roast.

Brown is my favorite flannel sheets
that cover my cushy queen bed.
Brown is chocolate milk, my favorite eye shadow,
and the color of the hair on my head.

Brown is the tan on my lover's skin,
and the eyes that twinkle and shine
to tell me he's happy when I hold him close
And he's so glad that he is mine.

Brown is my little chihuahua mutt
HER eyes are chocolate brown, too.
She boosts my mood, always glad to see me;
follows in all that I do.

Brown is the Bark on the forest trees
to contrast with the green on the boughs.
And Brown is the color of my computer desk
as I sit and type this to you now.

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