Thursday, April 09, 2009

PAD 9 - Memory

It's hard to write tonight.
Helped deliver a baby today, made class an hour late and missed a test, didn't see my kids all day and my LB is having some kind of one-night midlife crisis. I let down a friend this afternoon, missed a class this morning, the house is a mess, I had another assignment due at noon, I think I'm not going to have anyone to watch my kids Saturday for my EMT Lab and thank you for listening to me whine.

Wanna just go put my head under the covers and sleep for a week.

Today's Poem a Day challenge is to write about a memory...
Where do I start?

I remember back before I got big.
When life was simple.
When the old worn linoleum floor was my playground.
When the coolest thing I owned was a bathrobe with
girls from other countries around the hem.
When my favorite toy was a purple stuffed cow.
When the wall decorations included an Icelandic sheepskin
and pictures of me.
We watched Lawrence Welk and the nightly news.
played on my grandmothers' farm.
And the only thing it took to make me happy was bubbles in my bathtub.

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