Saturday, April 25, 2009

PAD 25 - Event

"pick an event; make that event the title of your poem; and then write a poem."

You know, I'm going to be really sad when this Poem A Day Challenge thing is over.

Commitment- Please God...

I never wanted to do this again.
Don't want to belong to anyone.
Don't want the hurt that comes when it ends.
Don't want to ruin the honeymoon fun.

Yet here we stand at the altar;
Makeshift though it is
with family and friends
a "hers" and a "his".

As our friend reads aloud the vows that we wrote
we'll make our promises and
after the last lingering note...

We will have bowed before God and man
standing together as close as we can;
looked into each other's eyes and then
till death do us part...I said once again.

This time, Please GOD, let it not be a lie.
I've tried so hard, I've failed, I've cried.
This one is different...Crap, I've said that before.
I'm scared to death to walk through that door.

What if I mess it up again?
What if I hurt my very best friend?
It would kill me to break this man's heart!
I'm serious! I would just fall apart.

My children are part of the equation, too.
How can I break their small hearts anew?
I'm going to make this one work, I swear.
Please, God....

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