Saturday, April 11, 2009

PAD 11 - an Object

"To write a poem about an object (or objects)." My assignment for the day.

By "object", I'm assuming he means something inanimate. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

The tragedy of the coffee cup

It was just a plain and simple ceramic coffee cup,
Holding the magic potion that helps to wake me up.

Nothing very fancy, Santa's face in Red and white,
I'd pack around my java in from morning until night.

Took a picture of my favorite coffee holding urn
Used if for my cellphone wallpaper, the others I did spurn.

When in July, my friends would say, "SANTA? You are nuts!"
I'd smile and shake my head at their boring little ruts.

From microwave to dishwasher for two happy years,
Then came the day my dear mug broke! causing many tears.

It seems silly to some to be attached to a simple coffee cup
But I cradled that cup through such hard times, It's strength to sup.

I left it on top of my car that day, though I don't remember when.
I turned the first corner and the second corner, it didn't happen then.

When the third corner came onto the highway, a shattering hit my ear
I pulled over and gathered the pieces of my broken coffee cup dear.

I took them home and buried them proper in the green garbage can
With the respect and honor due an old friend who faithfully sat in my hand.

Now I have a new receptacle for my cherished lifeblood brew
It's black, sleek and double sized - I could get easily get used to the new!

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