Saturday, April 18, 2009

Am I wild and crazy enough?

My kids think I am the coolest mom in the world.
Because we now our dining room...a five foot high 3-D cardboard display from the local video game store. It can actually be used for some storage as it has little shelves in the sides.
But I don't think that is what attracts my children to it.

It's probably the two foot Poke*on characters on each side.
That and the fact that they got to carry it out of the video store and share the van with it all the way home.

AND I had the nerve to ask for it ... AND I'm allowing them to have it in the living room.

It actually kinda blends well with my chosen decor theme of Early American Yard Sale.

Had EMT Intermediate Mock practical exams today. I went with my attitude in the toilet and fully did not expect to pass anything.
For the first two hours, I followed that pattern. I couldn't think, much less try to get an IV started, push a bolus of Lasix or run a code.

By 11am, I started feeling a little more myself. Don't know what is wrong with me...

Didn't have anyone to watch the kids today due to a "friend" not following through with her obligations. That made me sad.

I miss Loverboy, I miss Papa. It's probably all PMS, but knowing that doesn't change the fact that I feel that way.

Yes, I passed all six stations. IntraOsseus infusion, Trauma assessment, Medical assessment, IV start and medication bolus, Airway placement and Mega Codes.
Even got a couple of compliments from the instructors.

So why do I feel like running in my room and crying into my pillow? SIGH

I've got the sewing bug. I want to sew SO badly. Have about 3 projects I REALLY want to get going on. I want to make a shirt for Papa. Got the fabric all picked out.
Need to make a dress for a friend...she asked me to.
And have a shirt all cut out to finish for my LB. He looks so handsome in them!

SIGH. Maybe soon.

He's lucky I'm not wild and crazy. I'd just get in the van and start driving right now! Just to be with him for ONE day before I had to come home. Just to touch him, hold him. Just to sit with Papa for an hour...maybe read to him and tell him how much I love him.

Still not real sure I won't do it...

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