Friday, March 20, 2009


I found this great charm the other day. It's made to hang off your rear-view mirror. About the size of a keychain with three little dangles hanging off of it; 1 cross, 1 angel, 1 car.
And it says "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly."

Driving the kids home from school yesterday. Had about 20 minutes to get them home, figure out what to make for dinner, get my uniform on and get going to class.

You can SEE where this is going, can't you????

Number one is riding in the front; as always. Cuz he's six foot three now at fifteen and probably couldn't fit in the back of the van if he tried. Anyway, he looks out the window..down at my speedometer...out the window...down...up...

"Ummm, Mom, I think your guardian angel is getting tired."

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Midas said...

LOL. That is funny.