Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today was rough...

The first week of school is always tough.
But I sure could use some encouragement right about now.

One class that I need for my prereq's got cancelled. Not enough people registered. I'll have to catch it later...

One class I have to make a decision about the "right thing to do".
I want it...but should I? I can't lie about my hernia. It's not right.
But it's not right for me to have it either. It's not my fault. I didn't do anything wrong.
But two wrongs don't make a right.
It's just hard to give it up...

And I got another book in the mail...again, no name. So THANK YOU, THANK you my textbook angel.
Loverboy gets to go back to work after being laid off for a month. Which means he will be better off financially. And also means I can't see him much for about three months.

Hike up my big girl panties, I guess. I'll live.

So it you have a minute, Would you send me a "Rah, Rah", say a prayer for my needs and a praise to Him for my joys?
Thanks, my friends. I knew i could count on you.


MotoMom said...

Catching up finally! Congrats on LB- I'll be praying for you guys. He certainly sounds dreamy.;)

Hang in there with the schooling, and if you can take your time. If my credits from school way back when from the Christian College I attended after HS transfer I am done. I had a tough time taking one class at a time so I don't know how you do it! I looked at your wish list and it looks like all your books have been purchased. If by chance you need an algebra text let me know. I attended PCC so the books may be different, but the offer is there.

Donetta said...

Hay Girl, I just learned about followers and found your pretty face among them.
Upon ready that I remembered something from many years past...
I had been hospitalized (before I ever met my Mr.) and it was a bad deal due to a cyst on an ovary and a hateful doctor who was very pregnant and did a blood draw from my cervix while awake, screamed so loud that the guy in my life came a running in.....anyway
We were going to ditch the bill. I could not.
So I went and told the billing staff my story. I told them I was indigent (poor) anyway I asked for mercy and they waved the debt!!!!!!!!!!!$3000.
I just saw myself telling you about that perhaps it might pertain somehow.
Truth and straight forwardness is a kin to removal of fear.
You doing this... hang on.