Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How could I NOT - G.W.P.

Hey, WOW! It's been awhile since I've participated in Jordan's MamaBlogga's Group Writing Project.

So I thought I would give it a shot. Need something to write about, my honey is on the other side of the state, the kids are in bed and I'm semi-caught up on my homework.

Her topic for this Project is "Choosing happiness!"

Hmmm, can you hear the old wheels a'crankin'? Smoke curlin' leisurely out my ears?

By the way, GWP is accepting submissions through February 3rd if you are reading this and inspiration strikes.

Have you ever just let life get you down? Not just DOWN, but flat-on-the-floor, water-buffalo-sittin'-on-yer-back down?

Yah, me too. Sometimes those little things just pile up...and pile up...and pile up, until the pile is taller than your head and the tower threatens to fall on you.

Then it DOES! Your buried under a drift of "can't-pay-that-bill", "sick-kid", "forgotten-commitment", "what-to-cook-for-dinner" and "breakin'-out-the-fat-pants".

So much to think about. And so much to worry about. And so much to work on. And so much to be stressed over.

Will it be there tomorrow? YUP
Will it matter next week? MAYBE
Does it make you cranky? WHOA YOU BETCHA

Does it make you sad? In a Way, Uh-huh.

In all my 39-ish years on this planet, I've found that it's not worth it to be sad.
And I learned that I can talk myself out of the blues.
Called "Countin' Yer Blessings".
It never fails to make me feel better.

So instead of choosing to wallow in the sadness, stress and icky-poo stuff like BILLS, MEDICAL ISSUES, SCREAMIN KIDS, COMPUTER VIRUSES, and LONELINESS...

I will choose happiness. I will choose to switch on my "Half-Full" mentality. I will choose to look at the good things that warm my lil' pea-pickin heart and bring a smile (or smirk...they kinda look the same some days) to my face.

The Happy List

  • Little Mutt and Black Cat wrestlin' on the carpet. Little Mutt doesn't seem to realize that Black Cat outweighs her by about 4 pounds. AND he has CLAWS. Good thing he's sweet.
  • Number Four and her funnies! The latest? "Mom, I figured out how to play football. You just THROW that ball and then you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Hee Hee Snicker Snort
  • Regular, repeated and prolific use of the Christmas Gift to end ALL Christmas Gifts from Loverboy...my Espresso/Latte' maker. Ahhhhhhh! Sigh
  • My Mentor Midwife trusting me enough to ask me to do ALL the prenatal appointments tomorrow. She won't even be there! WOW! Guess I a big giwl now! Pretty soon I'll be ready for my very own Doppler! YeeHAW
  • My most handsome prince calling to sing me a song. SWOON
  • My electric Blanket set on PREHEAT...crawlin' into a warm snuggly bed.
  • A hug from my grizzly-bear boy, number One. He's six foot three and gonna be 15 in one month. But he comes out of his room to visit with me every night and hugs me at least three times every day. More, if he thinks I really need it.
  • When My sweet sweet number three draws me a picture. Of me and LB holding hands. And little hearts all over in the air. The caption reads, "True Love...FINALLY". I agree.
  • Number two trying so hard to grow up too fast. She gets up early to walk the dog and THEN makes me a fresh pot of coffee. But we've begun the battle of the Bras. Don't wanna wear one...Have to, SORRY! But they're uncomfortable **WHINE**
    Ummm, YAH, tell me about it. But I let her know we're in this together.
The sisterhood of uncomfortableness.
I am honored to be their mother. And honored to be loved by my precious, kind sweetheart.
And honored to have so much to be thankful for with so much gacky stuff going on in the world.

So how could I NOT choose happiness?


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Thanks Janean! I love that your list includes small, specific things as well as "big picture" happiness givers.

Thanks for participating!

Mama Zen said...

I love your Happy List!

MoziEsmé said...

Love that list! There are so many little blessings if we just take a good look for them...