Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Kid cracks me UP

I swear...she's gonna be a stand up comic when she grows up.
Number four got some play food for her "kitchen" from Santa. She is kind of compulsive so she is arranging it by food group.
She often asks me "Mom, am I the weirdest kid you ever met?"

Ummmm, YAH!

ANYWAY, she starts asking me questions.
Is eggplant a vegetable?
Is celery a vegetable?
are cranberries a fruit?
And we come to the dairy section...
Is Pizza dairy?
Well,'s a combination food. Bread, Meat, Cheese (milk) and tomato (fruit).
"well, I'm just going to put it in the Dairy anyway."

WELL, why did you ASK ME THEN? Huff!

"Mom, is Pie dairy?"
"no, definitely not. It's sugar and fat."
"it's dairy!"
"uh, NO! Sugar and fat!"


here it comes...
"THAT does it! I'm calling my lawyers!"

HUH? I'm serious! that's what she said!
Toy cell phone out, open...beep...beep..boop...boop...

"Hello, Lawyers? ... Yes, I'd like to SUE somebody!"

I didn't hang around to see if it was ME. I had to go to my room so I could laugh uncontrollably.

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