Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I caved...

I let them open a present.
Just one.

After I got done with my dinner.
And finished my previous blog.
And hit the little Mommies room.
And walked the dog.
And made them sing Silent Night with me.

And warmed up my coffee.

Cuz i'm mean like that. :D

Number four went first. She opened a bed set...comforter, bed skirt and sham in purple satin and velvet. She wasn't real thrilled...until Mommy started fawning over it and saying "Oooo, It's my FAVORITE color. I am SOOOOoooo Jealous!" Then, Suddenly, it became wonderously awesome. And of COURSE I had to put it on her bed for her to sleep under TONIGHT.

Number three opened a kid-sized guitar. I tuned it for her, best I knew how. And she was in HEAVEN. Showed her how to use the fret guides to learn chords. She's been practicing on my old one. My sweet artist.

Number two peeled back the paper on a microscope. VERY cool!! I was always jealous of my sister growing up, cuz she got one and i got an electric pedicure set. Guess that's why she's the teacher and I'm the no-account.
ANYWAY, it took six triple A batteries.
YOU GUESSED IT...not included.
Trip to the minimarket to blow EIGHT bucks on batteries. Yah. It's a small town, WhatkinIsay?
But WOW did we have a blast. I let her look at a slide of my blood. Salt, pepper, hair (three different kinds...sisters, mom's grey and mom's brown), the dog, the couch, soap...
then we discovered you could project the image onto your TV. Uh huh! OH yah!
I may play with it for awhile after she goes to sleep...

Number one got a portable CD player. His other one went belly up. Which I think served him right because he lost my Josh Turner CD. AND broke the case to my Rascal Flatts Melt CD.
Which is a big deal, you see, because I only own five CD's.
Guess he's gonna learn them REALLY WELL. And he'll have something to listen to at school. Yes, they can. Because some of the kids in his school are WAY too irritating for reality.
And because although he ADORES his MP3 player...well, you have to HAVE music to download into it. I can't afford it and, well, I only have five CD's.

Did I mention I only have five CD's. Well, four if you don't count the Josh Turner one he lost.

So they went to bed happy and excited about tomorrow morning and stockings and presents and turkey.

And the fact that this DARN SNOW is finally MELTING.
Thank you God!

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Donetta said...

I sounds like you had a wonderful time. Peace be with you.