Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Keep Lookin' up..." as my Gram would say

It's Christmas Eve.

I am determined to be cheerful. Even though Loverboy is Three...Hundred...Miles...away.

So here's a couple of Number four funnies that keep me giggling.
"Mom, I know how to play football!"
Well, I'm astonished at this as she is only SIX.
And Female.
VERY Female.
Foo Foo dresses and fancy shoes female.
"Yes, Mom. Here's what you do! You throw the ball and then you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

Hmmm, that about sums it up.
I'm not a big football fan...can ya' tell?

Oooo, and here's a GOOD one.
"Mom, I've figured out why I talk so much."
"oh really, please share!"
"Well, I discovered I have a bigger talkbone than other people."
"hmm, well, that explains it."
Santa came today. Twice.
The first time, he looked like my Rescue crew.
The second time, he suspiciously looked like my pastor.

It's amazing how he can change shape like that!! Both times, even though I felt ashamed, I also felt blessed. Now I have four kids pestering me every three minutes to "open just ONE present, Mom, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!"
So I told them, OK, after I finish my dinner.

It's amazing how long I can stretch out five pierogies. And how many times they can ask.
I think I'm taking kind of a sadistic glee in making them wait.

Turn in my Mommy license again.
I'll bring it right into the licensing bureau and hand it over with a smile.

cuz I'm rebellious like that, you know.

Had a bad call this morning. Older lady couldn't breathe. And she WASN"T kidding!
By the time we got her loaded in the ambulance, she had gone into respiratory arrest.
One of the hardest parts of my work is not knowing what happened. How did it turn out?
Did they save her? Will she be here to spend Christmas with her kids and grandkids?

While we were waiting for the ambulance to find us, she looks up from her wheelchair and says "Oh, NO! I haven't put my bra on yet!"
So I lean down as I'm taking her blood pressure and whisper,
"Don't worry, dear, I haven't either!"

It was hard for her to laugh with the oxygen mask on her face and the oxygen saturation of her blood around HALF of what it should be but she did manage a chuckle. And I'm glad the last thing she saw was my smiling face as I tucked her the stretcher blanket around her feet and assured her we were doing our best to hurry and get her into the warm ambulance.

As she slowly turned grey before my eyes and lost consciousness.

Please, God, watch over her and her family.

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Heather said...

Praying for her and her family, and praying for you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Am glad God has provided in so many ways, God is GOOD.Praying that He gives you a WONDERFUL Christmas despite the miles.