Wednesday, July 30, 2008


No, I don't mean the game where you bend over backward and try to make it under the bamboo pole.
Although that can be good for a laugh...

Have you ever felt like you were just - I don't know - HANGING? Waiting?

The reality is that the course of my life right now depends on the whim of one state worker in the State Capitol to decide whether or not to allow me to reactivate the Degree Completion Program.

When that word comes down, THEN the ball can start rolling. THEN I will know where I stand and what I have to do. Can I stay in College full time? Will I be forced to go get a job? Where will I move to? Will I take part time classes or just bail on the whole thing?


I will make do with whatever happens...I'd just like to KNOW, you know?!

Got an invite to go to the BIG TRUCK drags on Saturday. Wanna go SO BAD. (picture a little girl in a big girl body jumping up and down clapping her hands and squealing). BUT... I have four kids.
So have to find a sitter.
NOT easy.
I'm at the point now where I am trying to farm them out - one or two to a place. MY that sounds crass and cold. But what else can I do?

If you are getting ready to say your prayers or you have a spare minute now, please remember my friend A.D. His blog is listed over there to the left. Motorcycle accident...BIG owies!

Got an email from an Ooooooold friend the other day. WOW, it was a surprise. She and I were pregnant with our fourth(s) if that's how you say it. And Due on the SAME day. We met online and emailed often. Went into labor on the same day. She had hers first by CSect and Mine waited till after midnight so the girls don't have the same birthdays, but it was wonderful to have a friend during that time in my life. So I sent her an email back...playing catch-up. Hopefully we won't lose eachother again. I've lost too many people...

I'd better go do dishes or laundry or clean the bathroom or mend clothes or do the know, something PRODUCTIVE. :D
I'm working on a post about the joys of plastic kitchen containers. That ought to keep you guessing. HAHA!

Until next time...

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