Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brass Band Playing!!



Hmmm, well, that was kinda anticlimactic, wasn't it?

Anyway, I just wanted to write and tell you that I had a wonderful day.
I led music at church this morning, which was kind of odd...because I only had an organist to work with. But being summer and good weather, there were only about 3 people there to watch me mess up. :D
I still am in a quandry as to whether or not I should FORCE or BRIBE my children to go. #1 will only go if we are going out to eat. #3 will only go if #1 goes. #2 goes often, but not all the time. #4 always goes...but that is because she is grafted to me at the hip. I was forced to go to church as a child. Three times a week, Sunday am, pm and Wednesday night. And I HATED IT. Ick, Ooo, Torture.
On the other hand, I AM the parent and what I say is supposed to go...right?
Crud, I don't know.

ONWARD...after church, we were invited to the beach by some VERY special friends. Lunch included. WOW!
Played in the surf and got hit about hip level by a wave that was bigger than I thought. Got my cell phone a little damp...OOOoops.
Made sandcastles. Flew a kite. Watched the kids climb on rocks. Got sunburned. Relaxed. Aaaaaah! It was wonderful.
My kids hadn't met my friends yet...and it was love at first fly. While flying kites, #3 said it was her best day ever and asked to take my friends home with us. Which is funny, cuz they are both over 40. I guess she adores them as much as I do. :D

The girls and the mutt slept on the way home. I tried NOT to sleep on the way home.

It was a Vewy, Vewy, Vewy good day.

HA, depression!! TAKE THAT!

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