Tuesday, May 06, 2008

special moments

My mom is here.
Kinda good...kinda not so good.
At night, she takes medication that makes her loopy. She was just chattering on to me about how Burger King was the only one that offered the cortizone shots she needed for her knee pain.

Ummmm, yah. Then she started talking about sweaters and collars and it really kinda freaks me out. And they still let her have a driver's license. YIKES.

Anyway, She made this great fried chicken tonight. I was napping this afternoon and she rolled the chicken in flour then browned it then baked it. It gave off this wonderful smell that SO reminded me of when I was a little kid and spent time at my precious gramma's house.

I told Mom how great it was and what it reminded me of. She took it as a compliment. Which is what it was.

I'm healing slowly. Discovered yesterday I am severely anemic. Which is why I've been feeling like I'm trailing lead weights behind me all the time. And why I've spent WAYYY too much on fast food lately...because by dinner time, just the thought of cooking is enough to send me into a coma. So the surgeon put me on iron. And my mentor-slash-second mother-slash-midwife told me to take Yellow Dock and Dandelion root. So I went and got some of that.
Hopefully all this will help and I'll be back on my feet soon. Feeling like myself often seems like a faraway fantasy.
But I am enjoying extra time with the kids. Without the pressures of schoolwork. For now. And I am exploring some options in writing. And I really am enjoying the time with my Mom. She fusses over me and I fuss over her. It's really rather comical.

I think what number 4 said after church on Sunday really sums it up well for me right now.
"You know, Home is a little like heaven"


Heather said...

Thank you for the update. Continuing to pray.

Christie said...

Yeah- BK is where I get my shots too :D

Hehe, love it