Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Early morning Drivel...

Number four keeps me giggling. She came home today from school with a band-aid on her finger.
"Mom! I got a cut and it was going to bleed, so they sent me to the NURSERY to get it fixed."

I was cooking cauliflower for dinner and she wanted to try one early. I always like raw cauliflower as a kid, so I told her it was alright. She took one bite and ran for the garbage can to spit it out.
"Mom, I do not like Koala-flower!"

It's so hard to type with a 7 lb. white cat on my keyboard. For some reason the last two weeks she has just glommed onto me and won't leave me alone. Maybe she knows I need some extra lovin' right now.

Got to go to a great birth last night. When I arrived, she was at 4 cm and so we talked about rupturing her membranes. She'd been laboring all day just working on effacement. She wanted to go for it, so we did.
WHAMMO! 32 minutes later we were holding a 10 lb. baby girl with skid marks on her forehead. WOW. Mom didn't even tear.

Got a new little van. 1989 Astro. I know, I know, I thought "That is TOO old". But it only has 168,000 miles on it AND has a GM Certified rebuilt engine with only 60,000. I couldn't pass up the deal AND I still have the Suburban. The gas mileage has already made a great difference.

Finals are coming up. I actually have one this week already. YIKES.

Ok. Enough rambling for 3:30 in the morning. Back to bed!

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Heather said...

Glad you are still around--keep checking in on you.

Praying things go well.

BTW--there is a website you may like--a friend runs a website for Christian single parents where they all share their stories. It has been out of commission while I worked on it but is going to be back up and running pretty quick here: http://thecoveringforsingleparents.com