Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not givin' that kid enough attention

Was out doing home visits to some of our mom's today. It was fun. Going to someone's home for the first time is always a little uncomfortable...especially when you only see them for about one hour a month. You don't know them real well, so you never know what to expect. And you're trying to look all professional, you know. Like a good midwife should.

One little one made me giggle today. Mom was laying on the couch getting her tummy measured and all of a sudden, the cries of "Icky, Icky, Ickeeeeee!" come from around the corner in the dining room.
The mother's eyes roll back in her head, cuz she KNOWS what this means. Her comes the two year old, fluffy blonde toddler walking like a bowlegged cowboy.
YUP. She's afraid to look, but you KNOW you have to.
Sure 'nuff.

And I laughed. Cuz it was just too familiar, you know.

It reminded me of when I was two weeks from due with number four and sitting uncomfortably in the living room visiting with my midwife.
And you get that "mom-sense" that something is NOT RIGHT. Things are just too quiet.

Here comes Number 2 (4 years old), just all nonchalant and leans up against my knee.
OK, she's here, no worries.
Wait a minute! How did her hands get so dirty?
And what is this brown stuff caked on her hands?



Whew! It's not. But that smell is vaguely familiar.
OK, what did you do?

Led me into the kitchen. The refridgerator door was open. And my shoes were parked neatly in front. An empty milk carton laying next to them. White puddle on the carpet. I'm gonna have to have a chat with who ever decided to CARPET a kitchen. Sheesh!
So where did the brown stuff come from? She had poured that milk into the refridgerator and then scooped it out into my shoes. Then she had opened a jar...not a packet, a JAR of YEAST into the milk and into my shoes.

And it was growing.
And I was nine months pregnant.
And 420 lb.s.

I paid my friend $20 to come over and clean my fridge.
Best $20 I ever spent. :D

That yeast never did come out of the carpet completely.

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