Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random Daily Stuff

WOW. Another few months and I'll be writing my 500th post. I remember being "surprised" that I had already reached 100 and could do my 100 things list.
Don't panic. I'm not going to do a 500-things list! Heavenly DAYS!

Heavenly days...something my Gramma used to say.
Another one..."Oh, my stars and garters!"

I really miss her this time of the year, you know.
Anyway, I'm doing this post to up date ya'll on my life.
And to vent. And just to write, I guess, because it makes me feel better.

Lots of wonderful things going on here. Gonna have a "spoiled rotten kids" Christmas because of the generosity of some amazing friends.

My parents are helping me with the dead Suburban. They have been blessed lately and don't know if they can cover it all, but at least it's a start. She was towed away yesterday to the garage and they'll have an estimate for me soon. Please God, let it be something simple.

Everyone is healthy and happy. Kids have "Christmas Anticipation Syndrome". Trying to keep them busy is a challenge.

I hope the holidays are going well for you, too and that your New Year will have many wonderful blessings. :D

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