Monday, December 17, 2007


Green, blue and purple with dragon photos.
Tried to get a close up of a dragon photo...didn't turn out so hot.
This is my "signature square". Whenever I do a quilt I always write something personal on it. Dear #4...I am so very proud of you, you are precious to my heart. I love you more than I can say and I have right from the start.
OK...I ain't so hot at poetry. But it made her cry.

I have this cute book. Somewhere...Can't remember the author or the exact name but extols the benefits of the "Dorky Homemade Quilt".

I finished one today.
So, naturally, that's why I was thinking about it.

And I keep telling myself, the kid won't care! After almost a year of waiting for mom to FINISH it...she just wants it DONE. She is only 8 after all.

I couldn't find "just the right" color to back it ended up using something that is "just barely" in the same color family.
And the last 12x12 patch doesn't match the rest of the quilt pattern.

One of my favorite chapters in the afore-mentioned book is titled "Oh well, no one will notice."
I think she was thinking of me when she wrote that.
Now...on to the next one. I think I'm going to get stuck trying to create a "koala" themed quilt for the five year old.

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Donetta said...

The Native American always make an intentional mistake in the work. It gives a humility to the artist. :)
The quilt will be a treasured gift. Nice job.