Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blessings Galore

Christmas was incredible.

A wonderful friend provided for my children, for dinner AND some textbook funds for me. All four kids got "exactly what they wanted" and they are all stylin' in a new outfit, too!

God blesses me more than I deserve.

Another benefactor is helping me with the vehicle situation. My "Big Blue Beast" should be home today. Yah, she drinks gas like it's going out of style, but at least she's MINE and she RUNS. It actually cost less than $300 to fix her including towing her to the garage! It was a combination of the fuel filter, the heat sensor and the battery cables. Little stuff.


I took lots of pictures. Gotta get them developed, though. So it'll be a few days.

Humbling times for me. To accept gifts is difficult. To swallow my pride and not say "I should have been able to take care of this myself" is tough.

But the joy of the blessing is incredible. And I'm absorbing what God is teaching. No matter how difficult the lesson is. Or how many times I have to learn it.


Number four was riding with me last night in the car and she said she saw a shooting star. "Mom, what is your wish?"
I told her maybe a new computer.
She said "WELL, I wish for ponies and rainbows and that everyone would be nice so they can be on Santa's Good List next year."

Thought she was going to say "I wish for Peace on Earth"...but it was CLOSE.
I halfway expected her to be wearing an evening gown and waving by leading with her elbow.


bisdakbabbles said...

I really love reading your posts... you always remind me to give thanks to all the blessings.
Often, I focus on the problems and overlook the blessings.

Thank you. ^-^

Rebekah said...

Amen for you. Thats what Christmas is all about

A Dusty Frame said...

Yes, it's VERY hard to accept and not be the one giving.

But God is working on that in my life too.

It's so good to have people willing to help though isn't it?