Friday, November 02, 2007

Wonder Woman?

Lizzie has just blessed my heart! I've been nominated a "Wonder Woman".
Oh My.
I used to think I was, you know. Wonder Woman. All-American Soccer Mom, I-can-do-it-all, cookie baking, carpooling, dinner-on-the-table-for-the-husband lady.
Then reality hit.

I have learned my lesson well these last two years. I am nothing, can do nothing, will be nothing without Christ. It is all...ALL...out of my control. No matter how much I delude myself into thinking I can handle life.

So if I am a Wonder Woman, it is because I serve a wonderful God. He has given me incredible kids, a supportive family, amazing friends, a tender mate and blog-buddies who are far more gracious than I deserve.
Thank you so very much, my dusty-framed friend. You inspire me!

I would like to pass this on...
Wishing I could pass it back to Lizzie - but I think she understands.

Donnetta often stops by to encourage me...and I often visit her to see her INCREDIBLE projects (check out the Christmas stockings!) and to be uplifted by her faith.

Michelle amazes me. She writes on her blog EVERY DAY! NO joke! And she has so much FUN stuff going on over there...give aways, recipes, patterns, crafts, AND the NOVEMBER Write Away Contest going on right now!

My twin Connie at This Little Blog deserves it, as well, DEFINITELY. Just knowing there is someone out there in this big old world who has walked in my shoes is a balm to my heart.

If you decide not to post the button or award, I will NOT be offended. Some people would rather not. But I wanted to nominate you and let you know how much you mean to me. There are SO many others I would like to add...but this post needs to end somewhere.
So that will be here.

Have a wonderful week.


Scribbit said...

That's so nice of you, thanks so much!

Connie said...

Thank you so much for the kind things you say about me! But like you, it's not me, it's Christ in me. I'm so glad our experience has helped somebody!