Monday, September 24, 2007


First day of school and I get expelled already.

All JAZZED up...first day of class.
We sit down. The instructor makes me change seats because she doesn't like where I'm sitting. Fill out papers.
Introduce ourselves.
Listen to her tell about herself.
Then, "Oh, by the way, if you aren't a Fire Student, you can't take this class."
I have to pick one of the other two classes.

Either Tuesday and Thursday DAYS...
Which will mean I have to put #4 in daycare because she only goes to Kindergarten Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
WHICH is WHY I picked THAT class in the first place.

OR I can go Tuesday and Thursday NIGHTS. With a lab day every other Saturday.
Which means I have to find someone to stay with all of them two nights a week.

I've spent two weeks working out this schedule. Figuring out which kids would go where what days and where I needed to be.
One instructor decides I can't take THAT class and
DOWN the toilet it all goes.

God will work this out.
I know. I trust him.

But I can't believe I got expelled from class the FIRST day of school.

Now what am I gonna do!?!
Please pray that I make the right decision for my kids and for our future.
I'm leaning toward the night class, but I need to find someone I can trust to stay with them.



Donetta said...

Appeal to her. Plead your case without expectation.
Love to here of the wonders, I saw them coming can't wait to tell hubby. We have asked on your behalf. The apple sauce sounds wonderful! I'm proud of your good character.
Plead your case with respect.
No strife only kindness, Blow her away with it!

Rebekah said...

I hate when things like this go wrong. I am a planner and I organize my schedule to use the best of my time. I understand your frustration.
God has His reason. Keep your eyes up