Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily stuff

Just a any other day.
Well, except I didn't have anything to do today.


No "Volunteer Work Experience" for DHS.
No birth assisting.
No class or meeting or counseling session (although I did have two yesterday).

And it was a really good thing. Because I was purty much comatose today.
Heard a crash at 11p. Must have been something outside, because I got up and checked the house.
Because it could have been the **GULP** mice, you know.

Had a bad dream at 1a. Woke up screaming and panting because a tidal wave was coming and although I had my arms around three of my kiddos, I could hear one calling me and I couldn't find her.

Went back to sleep at 3. FINALLY.

#4 has a stuffy nose. Ummmm, yah. So she woke me up at 3:27a. I know, cuz I looked at the clock and wondered how long I had actually been asleep.

Then the alarm went off at 6. So I shut it off and went back to sleep till 7.

Needless to say, my nights' sleep leaves much to be desired.
But I shouldn't complain.
After doing prenatals on mommies who can't sleep for their bellies being so huge...
or postnatal checks on mommies who have to breastfeed every two hours, I DEFINITELY feel grateful.

Cuz I have a chance to sleep tonight.

It's kinda weird around her. MG is usually here with me in the evenings. But he went out and got a swing-shift job. SO I'm blogging...because I have no adults to talk to.
It is cool hanging out with the kids. We've read books, played on the computer...
I did the dishes and made a roast with potatoes and carrots and biscuits for dinner.

I should enjoy it while it lasts. Cuz I was making up my schedule for the next month. And a day like this won't happen again till about the 11th of October.

Oh...Did I mention my birthday is coming up soon?
Seems just yesterday I was 40 -

Hmmmm, what to do....
I think I'll go put away some laundry and maybe work on #3's dragon quilt. Then it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Can I share a verse with you?
Found it in my Women's Devotional bible 2 this morning at 2a when I was trying desperately to calm my mind.

"Rest, my Soul, for the Lord has been good to you!" Paraphrase on Psalm 116:7

And He has. Abundantly.

Please pray for my mom. She fell a few days ago and busted her face in the parking lot at Rite Aid. Stitches in her lip. Two black eyes. Banged up swollen knee. Thinks she broke a tooth.
Ask for speedy healing. Doctor says nothing serious; just gonna take some time.

Thanks, my friends.

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