Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yep. I'm alive.

Don't worry. I'm alive.
I am so sorry to be remiss in visiting all of you, but the truth is that I have to fight for computer time now. It sucks. But six people trying to use one computer in one 18 hour period is difficult.
Especially when two of them are W.O.W. enthusiasts.
And two like Zoo Tycoon.

I'm trying to keep up on my classes and jump through all the hoops with DHS. It's hard to do when I just want to be with my kids.

Oooo! One good thing. MG got us a pool. VERY awesome. The kids are in seventh heaven! They are swimming constantly and are all red. No matter how much sunscreen I put on them they still burn.

I also don't think I've told you about our new "child" Oreo. He was adopted from the pound and is such a lovebug! His tail has two bends in it so it looks like a numeral 7. He crawls into everything...we have to be careful sometimes.

Life is going well.
I must admit I was very frustrated earlier today. We have had a priest and his friend lost in our area for about a month. No one could find them. Well, Sunday they were found. They had gone off the road. It seems people called 911 on June 8 about the accident, but because no one could figure out what jurisdiction it was in, no one responded.
The reason it bugs me so much is because when I was a dispatcher, it happened to me about a million times. And the dispatcher is the one who is going to get the heat. Bigtime. How sad. How tragic! How could it have been prevented? I don't know. You can read about it Here. I have several friends who are dispatchers and I have only the utmost respect for them. I don't like it that they are going to get flack because of it. I hope they don't.
Sorry, I haven't been participating much or reading your blogs. Hope I can get back to it soon. I'll have to stop being such a wimp and say "Hey! I want my 'puter!" :D

God bless, ya'll!!

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Rebekah said...

jurisdiction issue is a pet peeve of mine. Emergency service people got in the business because they want to help people. And it ticks me off to no end when I see them jack around over boundry lines. I swear some of my officers get out the tape measure.
I have also seen guys get pissed off because dispatch toned out a fire department but it turned out to be just inside the other departments area.....
Sorry for venting, glad you're still alive :)