Friday, June 29, 2007

13 prayers - TT

Thirteen Things I'm praying for right now.

1. I need to spend some time with my children. I quit my job to be with them and now the state says I HAVE to work. Gotta get back out there and set a good example. Gak. There has to be SOME way I can stay home with them, at least for the summer.
2. I need some text books. Scribners handbook, The Longman Reader and Introduction to Fire Protection.
3. My son is acting strangely. I am so worried about him; maybe it's normal for 13 year olds to hibernate in their rooms and go to bed at 6:30pm, I don't know. But he doesn't share with me like he used to. I don't know; it's just giving me a hinky feeling.
4. My utility bill for next month is going to be $350. Don't ask me how; some add on from last month and a huge deposit I have to pay in three installments. Plus the original bill was almost $200 for the month. Again, don't ask me how, I don't know. I just know that's what I have to come up with.
5. That I will keep my temper. With the stress of worrying about funds and jumping through the state's hoops and trying to coparent with MG, I have just been crabby. I want to have fun with my kids, to be a good mom and make GOOD memories, you know?
6. I'm praying I do well in my classes. I was kinda scared that I was in over my head in Writing 121. I haven't taken any prerequisites...but the instructor assures me I'll be fine.
7. Needing guidance on what church to attend. My kids need Christian friends, I want to be fed, I want to serve, but MOST of all, I want to be where God wants me to be.
8. Please keep me from temptation. I know I should just be able to trust God to come through for me. After all, He has SO many times. But I am human. I worry. And my human side wants to relieve the stress and anxiety with things that aren't so good for me. Like food...a drink or two...slipping back into smoking...I need to learn to deal with things not try to escape.
9. Wisdom in dealing with the EX. Sometimes I wonder why I even try.
10. I miss my friends. I was thinking this morning in the shower how long it's been since I've had a good visit with Connie or T, or checked in with the Heathers or Kelli or LD or AD. I haven't had any contact with my friends from work since I left two weeks ago. It's sad.
11. Why is there always this elemental desire to have another baby? It would be wild and reckless to have another one of my own. I just got started on my education. There are so many things I want to do with this life. So why does it keep popping up? It would be so amazing to be pregnant at a regular, normal weight but I'm not up to raising another one.
12. I need energy. So much to little time.
13. Even though concentrating on my children is primary right now, I have a need to reach out. Where, who, how?

Now you probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know for right now. But if you are a praying person, would you join me? And if you want to leave some requests, I'll pray for you. Promise, cross my heart!

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MotoMom said...

Good things to post about, I will be praying.

You will do well in school, God opened the door, He will not leave you now.

Church? I'd invite you to mine, but it is probably quite a drive for you. Which, if your kids are like mine will mean you are praying the whole time that you will not have to stop the car and make them stop arguing before you kill them. Not a good attitude to take into church. :)

13 year old, I'll pray for yours, you pray for mine.

As for the rest, Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." It really works. This verse keeps popping up for me lately. I am so frustrated with finances lately, but when I stopped planning and fretting God stepped in and provided more than enough. I still want to be our from under this sin and burden of debt NOW, but short of winning the lottery that is not going to happen for a few years.

Hang in there, God is in control if you let Him be.

Scribbit said...

WIshing you well and lots of answers to those prayers.

Rosemarie said...

God is faithful to bring to pass each one in His timing. Set some goals and work hard at each one. May the guidance and community you're in search of be available and within reach...soon.

Growing with Julia
Heavenly Voice