Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Neighbors - CHBM carnival

CHBM carnival today is on our Neighbors. I can not WAIT to read the stories!

I was sad back in December when one of my favorite neighbors moved away. She and her two little boys were close to us. Our kids played together, we did fireworks together on the fourth. It has been weird without them around.
My neighbors on the other side are an older couple. I like him because he hasn't sued me yet.
My kids went over and turned on his backyard got left on so long, the city water company TRACKED HIM DOWN because of the huge water usage and thought they had a line break.

Yah. Can you imagine the bill?

Anyway, the city commisioners decided to cut him a break and didn't make him pay the entire bill. Which is good. Because if he would have had to cough up all that money, I'm sure he wouldn't have been as nice about it as he was.

The new neighbors that moved into my friends' old house are different. I have had to struggle with myself not to stereotype them. I'll just say it, they look like a couple that could be involved in D*ug activity. I help them out when I can (use the phone, ride into the big city). But I'm afraid to get to "friendly" - The times I gave them rides, they were headed into the courthouse.
Ummmm, yah. I don't want to be nosy, but I must remain slightly wary.

Then there is the man kitty-corner across the street. He and MG have become fishing buddies. He was caring for his mother and she passed away this week. They are related to my buddy T and her guy. So every once in awhile I get to see her when they come to visit over there. Since she moved out to the country, I don't get to see her often.
I'm that a little confusing?

But I met T when she was my neighbor. And I have lots of friends who were "past neighbors". I guess I've been lucky; I've never had any "neighbors from he**" - but I've heard stories! And I count my blessings. Even though the new ones are "questionable" - at least they aren't psychotic.

So that's a good thing. Huh?


amaras_mom said...

It's so sad when good neighbors move, eh?

But you are better than me -- there would be no rides to the courthouse in my car! I'm not that trusting. My luck I'd be charged as an accessory!

Here via the chbm!

Ginabee said...

Neighbors can certainly make life interesting. Hopefully you'll have more like the ones that moved and less needing rides to the courthouse!