Sunday, June 10, 2007

What I done good - CHBM Carnival

I hope you don't mind me doing a little different spin on the Carnival subject over at CHBM's today.

The listing on the side bar for June 13th was like this...

June 13th: "Something I made that I was REALLY proud of…"

June 13th: "Something I tried to make that didn't turn out quite right…"

Well! Bein's as how this week is Birthday central over at my casa, I can list you a couple of things I did right.

That is if you can put up with my braggin' for a second here!
I think I did this pretty well!


Then 366 days later, I did this amazing thing...

Happy, Happy Birthday to my #3!

We've come through alot, ladies, and I am so proud to say I'm your mom!

Heaven knows I ain't the best in the world. But Heaven also knows I couldn't love you any more than I do.

Pray for MG and me tomorrow! We're taking a tribe to Giant Rat Pizza Company to celebrate. I'll be happy if we all come home with no broken bones or bloody noses. Don't tell MG I said that! He's nervous enough as it is...

Now as for the SECOND subject about things I've done that haven't worked out quite right? If I could post a copy of my marriage certificate from 1991, I would. But I can' I won't. It's all water under the bridge anyway.

Let's just look at the Happy Party side and call it good!