Thursday, May 10, 2007

What did I EVER do to you!!

OK! Time to let the lady VENT here a little bit.

I don't know who is doing this but I sure wish you would

Someone has been "signing me up" for email spam. I've been registered for coupon sites, testing sites and NOW today, a SINGLES website.

"We're so excited that you?ve decided to join our online community. We're committed to providing you with a safer, smarter dating experience. And while we can't guarantee that criminals won't get on our site, we can guarantee that they'll be sorry they did.It's easy to get started meeting quality singles. Do a quick search now and start meeting TRUE members who are your type ... and who are looking for someone like you!
TRUE Membership Information:Username: s*xgo*dess4ever1955
Email: d************
You will receive email from to the address you provided. To change your email preferences, please visit your email options.If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care at 1.866.583.TRUE (8783) or 1.972.402.4802 (toll charges apply). "

FIRST OF ALL, I would NEVER and I will repeat NEVER NEVER NEVER pick a Username like THAT! Aaaarrgh!
Secondly, you can bet I will be calling and letting them know how I feel. (Note - I did call them and they were very nice although not able to assist except for "cancellling my account")

All I want to say is this -
Dear person with no life of your own;
Please leave mine alone. Go volunteer at your local animal shelter. Visit a nursing home and hug every resident once.
DO something with your life besides hassling me.
It would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if you aren't too chicken it would be the honest thing to do to IDENTIFY yourself. Let me know who you are so we can discuss this face to face instead of you HIDING like a coward behind your keyboard. I know you have my email address because you keep committing INTERNET FRAUD by using it without permission.

Thanks. I feel better now~

**while I was typing this post, I was signed up for AND Great! Lovely! Wonderful!

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