Friday, May 11, 2007

I had a GREAT week! TT 30

Thirteen WONDERFUL Things about Janean's Week.

1 .My $16,000.00 hospital bill ...POOF - GONE.

2. Surprise PTO cashout at work allowing me to pay back a loan.

3. After all four tires were slashed on my 4wd Suburban, a parent of a perpetrator came to me and bought me 5 (not four, FIVE) good used tires to replace the damaged ones AND my spare.

4. Going away this weekend with MG to celebrate our one year anniversary, his birthday and mother's day. Just him and me.

5. Applying for several new jobs in the local area, so I won't have a 30 minute one way commute to work. GOOD prospects! One is only a block away from my house!

6. Made the top ten for a local scholarship and had a face-to-face interview last week. Won't know for a week or two, but it would set me up in tuition for a year at least!

7. Got a 50cent an hour raise at work...retroactive to the first of April.

8. Won a GREAT contest at Loose Lips New York for $50 in makeup!

9. Kids are all healthy!

10. MG and I had alot of FUN this morning. I know...TMI.

11. MG caught a load of fish yesterday. Nothin' better than fresh Trout for dinner.

12. Gonna start a new diet on Tuesday. PRAYERS please. I'm excited about doing this WITH him as a team.

13. I taught the boy to mow the lawn. So now I don't have to do it! YEEHAW!

I know, ya'll. Just stuff about me, but the entire purpose of this meme is to get to know other bloggers, right? So if you stop by, I'll come read yours! Promise! Cross my heart, hope to...Ummm...OK, just cross my heart.

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MotoMom said...

Glad things are going well. Good luck with the scholarship - that would be awesome! Sounds like God has been busy in your life lately, His blessings are far more than we could ask or imagine.

Jeannine said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Happy late TT!