Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Boy and EBay

Well, I was fiddling around on the computer this morning and I thought, "You know, I haven't stopped by EBay in a VERY long time." I had a little "issue" with them about a year ago when they decided to raise all the rates for selling. I figured why get charged for selling on EBay when I can post on Craig's List for FREE, you know.

Regardless, I went and looked around. Just to see what was new. Found a great game my #1 has been wanting for a Loooong time. And he got such AWESOME grades this term!! I ordered it for him. HALF price of what I would have to pay at WallyWorld and that included shipping.


Then I created my About Me page. It took up some time I could have
wasted sitting here doing nothing, you know.

And you never know, I might actually want to go sell something there some day.

Did I mention my Boy got good grades and I was REALLY, SUPER proud of him? Hmmm?
Did I?

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