Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOADED question...CHBM Carnival

The Carnival question of the week over at the CHBM is...
"How did you met your spouse/partner?"

I know, when someone originally thought up this subject for the carnival, they were envisioning sweet stories of mushiness.

I wish I had some...
My first husband I met on the job. I worked with him my first summer out of high school at a private campground. He was a park ranger, I was a trailer cleaner. He was 38...I was ~ Ummmmm~ like 18. Almost.

He chased me like crazy till he finally wore me down.

My second husband was my roomie's brother. When I escaped...errr, divorced..husband #1, I moved in with 2 other girls. One of them had this brother that was 6 ft 5 and had Leeeeegs all the way up to there! WOW! Muscle definition, drool~drool. Our attraction was completely physical.

17 years later, here I am with one of the most wonderful men I have ever met. Yah, he ain't perfect. But no one has ever been kinder to me and my children; no one has ever shared with me as he has. If things ever go south with MG, I'm DONE. I won't even ever try again.

So where did I meet MG, you ask?

Yah. I knew you were going to ask.


OK, OK! It was MySp*ce. I saw his profile while searching;

Right age group ~ check
Gainfully employed ~ check
Motorcycle in the photo ~ double check
Taller than me ~ check (ok, he lied on that one)

Exchange emails, go out for coffee, decide we are just gonna be friends. And 10 months later, we decided that no one else would do.

But Ya'll...if my mother calls? I met him in line at Wally World. Got it?

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Rebekah said...

I met Chuck in dispatch. Actually one of the other dispatchers had a crush on him so I would never talk to him when he stopped by. He called one night when I was working by myself and we talked for 4 hours.....
Thanks for the LawDog blog. That was funny. I added him to my bloglines