Friday, May 25, 2007

13 things in my sale this weekend

Thirteen Things I'm selling in my Yard sale this weekend.

1. A four foot fake Christmas tree that has seen better days.
2. My ex's old broken hiking pack.
3. Courtesy of my ex, a huge Heath radio with mic and power supply.
4. Also courtesy of my ex, magnet-mount CB antenna.
5. Three old kids' bicycles.
6. The dry erase board we used when we were in Am*ay to "Show the Plan and Share the Dream".
7. Five chairs in need of repairs and recovering. They belonged to my Great Grandmother.
8. Books.
9. Three huge blue barrels - my ex thought they would be good to sort recyclables.
10. A Billy Idol photo LP, where his picture is part of the record.
11. A Van Halen record.
12. About 4300 stuffed toys.
13. An antique milk can.

So wish me luck, everybody. I need this $$ badly for a debt I owe a friend.
Have an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend!

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Kristin said...

It's too bad that exes don't take their junk with them when they leave! Good Luck with the sale!

Jeannine said...

Well, hope you get lots of money for it! Happy TT.

Gail Martin said...

I hope your things sell well.

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your sale! I hope you make big bucks! :)

Rebekah said...

oooo, can I have the milk can?? Ya know, the first time my niece saw and LP album she said, ...which reminds me, I'll have to post about MIL mother's day present

Jenny said...

ooo books are always good. :)

Nice list. Happy TT. (Even if it is late)