Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bad Hair Day? I'll never tell!

Today's Photo Friday selection was "Bad Hair Days".

I don't have to post another photo cuz my #4 is the one in the pic at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas this week.

Did I mention that I LOVE the CHBM's Wahinas?? If you've never visited their site, you REALLY should! They have great contests, giveaways, super articles (Ahem!) and a great forum, too.

Anyway, if I had to post another Bad Hair Day photo, it would be of ME in a baseball hat. When I was 400 lb.s, I couldn't wear hats. It was scary. I looked like a BIIIIGGG round person with a teeny, itty- bitty head, if I didn't have my hair poofed up to balance things out.

I thank God every morning (and every afternoon, and every evening and sometimes in the middle of the night), I don't have to live that way anymore.

I do have quite the selection of hats. I've got a really cool black straw cowboy hat that MG said looks dumb. So I don't wear that one much anymore. Then I have a denim one from one of my favorite groups Faithful Heart. MG snagged that one for fishin'; keeps the sun out of his eyes. There's my BEAUTIFUL red hat with a "J" and a halo from All Moms Go To Heaven. Can't forget my biker dewrag (du-, doo-, I don't know the correct term, sorry!) and my Fleece earband.
Then there's my AC/DC Back In Black hat that says "For Those About To Rock" across the back. My Fav!

Maybe I'll start a that I don't look like a dork wearing one.
And HEY, that sounds like a great Thursday Thirteen idea! My thirteen hats...

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