Sunday, April 29, 2007

My naked face!

Looky, looky! I found a drawing for a FUN prize Package package over at Adventures In BabyWearing! She asked that we BARE our faces and post a picture without makeup like those celebrities do. I've seen the celebrity "Before and afters" and they are just downright SCARY!

It's pretty easy to find a photo of me without makeup. I hardly EVER wear makeup. :D SO I was all ready for this contest/drawing. I know this one isn't real "close up" but if it WERE you'd be able to see all my wrinkles.
Which is why it ISN'T and which is why I don't HAVE any close up photos of me. Ewwww!

No big deal to show my naked face...but if it wins me a WONDERFUL prize package from our generous hostess, I'm willing to risk it all. :D

Go check out the fun and get your name in the drawing. Have a blessed day!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

You're so fun! Thanks for playing along! I was really surprised to see so many entries with extreme closeups! I expected more like yours! Ha!

Thanks again!

AnnaLiza said...

soo beautiful! just as intended by the Creator! i mean that, too.