Sunday, April 29, 2007

My top 5 Mommy Beauty secrets

My AMAZING friends over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas have come up with another awesome contest! They have arranged for two of us to win a $50 shopping spree at Loose Lips NY! That is so funky how their page just kinda faaaaaades in when you click the link. Then, when you exit, it does this closing-circle thingy.

Oooooo - Aaaaaaaah!

I wish I was that cool!

OK, OK! Back to the contest now. They would like participants to write about their "top five makeup and beauty hints, tips and secrets". For someone who is lucky if she's coherent enough to remember to put on her deodorant, let's see how I do.

Hmmm, now. Let me think.

Uhhhhhh...OH! I got it! My super-colossal, Fantabulous, fantasmagorical...


1. Yogurt is good for your skin. Seriously! When one of my kids was a baby, she ADORED rubbing yogurt in her hair and all over her face and torso. And she has the MOST gorgeous skin with a little cute beauty spot on her right cheek! Try it sometime. But make sure it isn't the kind with fruit chunks. Not so fun.

2. When you go out the door in the morning, try to make sure there are no dried boogies on the shoulder of your shirt. This one is a definite must if you wish to appear lovely and poised!

3. Do not use mascara that is older than your oldest child. My oldest is 13 and that 14 year-old mascara just BURNS! Plus I looked like I'd been crying. So that got me some sympathy for most of the day. And a couple of hints on how to get rid of allergies.

4. It is NOT a fashion statement to take your kids to school with your clothes on inside out. And your hair not brushed. Because you never know who you will run into! (like the 1st grade teachers' buff blond firefighter hubby - YIKES). That's why I always lay my clothes out in the proper order and turned right-side out BEFORE I fall into bed. So when I get up in the morning, I can just slide into them half asleep, jam my AC/DC "For Those About To Rock" baseball hat on my head and jet off to the local elementary. And coffee drive thru. You know. Have to. Not a choice!

5. And lastly, sleep is your friend. Try to get at least two uninterrupted hours. It will keep the Louis Vuitton luggage under your eyes from becoming unmanageable. And if you CAN'T get enough sleep, then we are SO lucky to have great people like the

Loose Lips NY! crew to provide us with concealer to hide those unsightly bags. Not to mention the infant teethmarks on your cheek. Or the bruise on the bridge of your nose from when the toddler head-butted you last week.

There you go, ladies! My top 5 tricks to a more stunning you. Enjoy!

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Qtpies7 said...

Thats hilarious! Thanks for the booger warning! I always forget about that, I'm so busy making sure I don't have tooooo many puke stains, lol.
What an amazing praise about the bill disappearing! God is so good!