Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busy? Who's Busy?? CWO IOW

"Busyness is not a spiritual gift."
From an interview with
~ Lisa Harper ~

Christine has chosen a quote that really made me stop and pay attention.
Mainly because this poor girl is on strict bedrest and 8 months pregnant. She has been FORCED to sit down, don't move and watch the world go by. Which is hard to do when you are a mommy of three under age 6, a homeschooling mom and a music minister at your church.

WOW. I thought I had alot of irons in the fire.

I use my drive time to connect with God. Otherwise, I probably never would. I have to work on Sundays, so we don't usually go to church. And it seems when I am home, there is always something that needs to be done. I just have to prioritize and figure out what comes first. If the kids have been wearing the same pants to school for the last three days...then it would be LAUNDRY.

If I find myself having to eat my oatmeal with a wooden spoon because all the teaspoons are dirty...then the task of the day will be DISHES.

You know, important stuff like that.

But besides my drive time prayer sessions (my coworkers think I'm depressed or have "problems" at home because I often arrive at work with red eyes ;P) I can often multitask; dishes or laundry along with singing praises. Baking cookies along with talking to my kiddos about Christ's love and care.

Taking a second to "work" God into your daily schedule is WORTH the effort.


Rebekah said...

yep, my morning drive is my prayer time too

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post, thanks.

Christine said...

Janean, you crack me up! I have crazy people here making me stsick to my bedrest or my "busyness" would still be calling!!

I once read about the "tyranny of the urgent", getting the things done that seem to cry out for attention the most (like the laundry or dishes). If we do those things for God, they can actually become meaningful in their spiritual value too! Thanks for posting this!

Crystal said...

I agree that the pray time in your car is one of the best times to refuel.....
Thanks for sharing