Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I do for fun - TT 25

Thirteen Things I like to do for fun.

1. Quilting. I've written a little about some I have done HERE.
2. Scrapbooking. Although I hardly EVER get to do it. Probably by the time I get around to working on them much, the kids will be grown up and my memory will be too far gone to remember who is in the photos.
3. Baking. I love to do cookies, cakes and brownies for my kids.
4. Watching TV. I know, I know, it's terrible. But I enjoy CSI, Cops, House and a couple of other shows. Sometimes I just have it on for mindless noise.
5. Riding my bike. I'm just starting to get into it. It's not bad at all.
6. I really enjoyed Tang Soo Do when I was able to take lessons. The school is relocating and I'm hoping I'll be able to find a class I can attend.
7. Blogging. Of course. LOL
8. Reading. I enjoy true crime novels and Robert Fulghum. I also enjoy reading my women's study bible and my devotional journal.
9. Talking to MG. He is my bestest friend and even though our communication skills are a little rough, I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with him.
10. Having coffee with my mother. I'd do it every day if I could.
11. Play Yahtzee. A friend and I play Yahtzee a couple times a week. It's relaxing kind of mindless fun.
12. Sleep. My idea of fun right now would be to sleep for about 24 hours. Even then, I probably still wouldn't be caught up. I've got three sick kids right now and am working on a cold myself. Tired does not begin to describe how I feel.
13. Apply for scholarships and grants. I've actually started to enjoy writing essays and using my brain some. It's invigorating. I got a letter of recommendation from my school advisor today and I was so honored. He called me "bright and articulate". WOW. He sees tons of students every day. Maybe he writes the same way about everyone, I don't know. But I was really humbled.

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amy said...

those are all great! I have to learn how to quilt in a few months as we are going to making a 100 wish quilt for our daughter in China....

Kathy said...

Good list. I understand you enjoying aaaaaallll of these things....except #13. C'mon, you enjoy that? Gag me! I get so tired of filling out forms for my college age kids. Yuck! You can keep 'em!

Hey, I was born & raised in Oregon! I live in PA...I call myself a "transplanted westerner". Nice to meet you!

Mitchypoo said...

Having fun is good, it's nice of you to have coffee with Mom, I bet she likes that. My TT is up, come by if you get a chance.