Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Surprise Treasure Hunting - CHBM carnival #23

Wednesdays Carnival at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas was "Surprise" - we were to go to the blogroll and hit "random" then read and review the blog we found. Kinda like a treasure hunt!
And what I found at There is a Season was DEFINITELY hidden treasure! What a lovely woman!
She and I share a love of horses (she has 4!), a love of Christ (she has a great prayer list over on the left) and a love of children. Listening to her talk about how grateful she was to have her job even though things are tough there and reading about her pride in her children and her involvement in their lives made me smile. I enjoyed reading a meme (quiz) she did a couple of days ago...learned alot about her. Her middle name is LeAnn, by the way.
She really sounded like someone who would make a WONDERFUL friend. Go check out her gorgeous page and leave her a comment.
We ALL love comments, ya' know!

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