Monday, March 19, 2007

Marriage Mondays

I've tried to get motivated to participate in Christine's Marriage Mondays, but the truth is, ya'll, I feel like such a failure at relationships! Two failed marriages and the promiscuity that followed just doesn't make me eligible to give advice to ANYONE.

I'm not on a pity-party or anything. Just stating the truth. After discovering my first ex was a rapist and my second ex was a child molester, my confidence in my ability to pick men is just about in the toilet.
(MG not included!)

So go on over and check out what Christine and the other fine ladies have to say. I'm just gonna sit this one out and soak it up.

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Christine said...

Thanks for posting on this Janean (however briefly!). You probably have more than you know to contribute- sometime we learn our best lessons from the lessons others learned the hard way. Hope you have a blessed week!