Monday, March 19, 2007

"The check is in the mail..." test update

My blood sugar check, that is.
I called the doctors' office this afternoon because I JUST COULDN'T WAIT ANYMORE! You know how it is.
I just couldn't stand it. I was wiggin' out.

Really leaving it in God's Hands, aren't I? What a rotten child of His am I!! I praise Him every day that He loves me anyway.

And the nurse says..."Well, what the doctor does is MAIL you the results when he gets them ALL back."

I wanted to say "Well, those test results don't USUALLY tell me whether or not I have diabetes!"

Then it occurred to me, if THEY weren't that concerned about the results...I guess I shouldn't be either. After all, what's the worst that could happen? I could have to take medication (oh no) or watch what I eat! (Oh MY, heaven forbid!) :D

I'll keep you posted...No pun intended...on when I get my letter of doom.
It's ok...I'm being silly now. :D Thank you all SO much for your bloggy-love and prayers!! It is appreciated more than you know.

1 comment:

MotoMom said...

Maybe you should offer to mail your doctor his payment when you
UNDERSTAND the test results. Unless it says normal, see you next year or something in english like that I am searching the web trying to figure out what it could possibly mean.